Can we bring our dog or pet?

No. The City of Austin does not allow animals in the park. The animals that participate in the festival are cleared by our Animal Director and are there as performers. If you have a "Celtic" dog breed that you would like to have participate in the Celtic dog parade please contact our Animal Director for an application at

I have a question about my ticket.

Please visit the Get Tickets page for ticket FAQs. Please read the ticket directions carefully. It answers most questions.


Yes, we have two ATM machines at the Austin Celtic Festival. One at the entrance gate and one near the Seelie Court Grandstands on the east side of the park. They are noted on the map found on our Fiesta Gardens page and in the program book available at the festival ticket booth and information booth at the entrance gate.

Lost and Found?

Lost and found items can be taken to the ACF Information Booth located by the main gate. You can also email for missing items. But, that email address will not be responsive during and immediately after the festival. It will take a few days to get through the large number of emails sent during the festival.

No Videotaping

Because of copyright violations, we no longer allow our performers to be videotaped by anyone other than our festival video archivists. You may take still photos (and we'd love for you to share your best ones with us on Facebook or Twitter). But, videotaping is now forbidden. Also, we no longer allow professional camera equipment (ie extended lenses, tripods, etc). Stage managers will ask once for you to stop and if you continue we will have security escort you out of the festival grounds.

Can we bring chairs, coolers, umbrellas, backpacks?

The following items are prohibited in at the Austin Celtic Festival some of which are based on COA regulations:
No coolers
Weapons of any kind
Framed or large backpacks (backpacks and bags will be searched on entry, help us save time by leaving them at home).
Alcohol (alcohol is sold at the Festival)
Glass containers
Food or beverages (food and beverages are sold at the Festival plus the COA has water fountains at both restrooms)
Skateboards, scooters or personal motorized vehicles (accept as ADA allows)
Bicycles inside Festival grounds
Pets (except service dogs or Celtic dog breeds cleared through our Animal Director)
Video equipment. Video recording will not be allowed.
Professional still camera equipment. No professional zoom lenses, stands, tripods Audio recording equipment
No illegal vending is permitted. No unauthorized/unlicensed vendors allowed.
No solicitation, handbills, sampling, flyers, leaflets, etc.

Where do we park? Is there a shuttle?

We do not have a shuttle to the festival. There is street parking (do not block neighborhood drives or mailboxes). Also, there are parking lots on either side of the festival grounds. There are several bus stops available in the area, visit the Capitol Metro website to plan your ride to the festival. We think cabs are a great idea for those that would like to indulge and be picked up and dropped off at the gate entrance.

What if it rains?

It wouldn't be the first time. With everything Celtic, the rain brings a charm of its own. Our facilities at Fiesta Gardens contain three COVERED stages out of four. They are perfect cozy retreats from the rain. 95% of all festival activities will remain on course even in the heaviest of downpours. A few of the outdoor reenactment camps and animal activities might have to shift their schedules around to accommodate a shower. But, even the Highland Games proceed on through the rain unless it is a deluge. We recommend you bring your umbrella and/or a nice raincoat to protect you while traveling from stage to stage.

My band wants to play the festival. How do we get in?

You must apply to our Regional Panel during the paneling period May 15 to June 15. Regional bands are selected by the panel. The majority, if not all, your repertoire must be Celtic. Check the website mid-May for regional applications on the music page.

I'm interested in headlining the festival or recommending a headliner

Headliners are selected by our festival director, Donnelle McKaskle. You may email her your suggestions or your interest at Headliners for the ACF are selected based on their international standing in the traditional community as well as their ability to conduct workshops and extend their knowledge of the tradition to our attendees. Because our goal is to impart and preserve the traditional elements of the Celtic culture, there is very limited space in our headliner slots for alternative Celtic styles beyond the traditional.

When will the stage schedule be posted?

Although we try to post the schedule as soon as possible, we are constantly juggling band availability, flight schedules and other conflicts. Generally, the schedule will post around the beginning of October. Remember it is subject to change.

I think the festival is great! How can I further support it?

Visit the volunteer page and join us for a great weekend as an insider. Send us loving feedback to and leave recommendations on our facebook page. Tell all your friends about our great festival!

Are you handicap accessible?

Yes, but it is an outdoor festival. The festival takes place in a city owned park that comes with all the necessary requirements including handicap parking, restrooms and water fountains. We also rent additional handicap accessible portable toilets. Most of the staging area takes place on concrete and there are sidewalks leading to each. The only stage not wheelchair accessible is the Seelie Court Grandstands; it requires a walk up and down about 7 stairs. There are also a few festival activities that require leaving the concrete sidewalk and travelling a short distance (20 feet) on low cut grass, like the sheepherding demos, Highland Games etc. The entrance to the festival is a worn dirt and grass path with again about 20 feet to a sidewalk. Also, we should advise you that while the City of Austin has several handicap parking areas, these can fill up fast. There is limited accessible parking available near the festival on a first-come, first-serve basis to vehicles displaying a state-issued handicapped plate or placard. The person to whom the placard or plate is issued must be in the vehicle, as a driver or passenger. If you are traveling with a mobility impaired person, you can double park and let them exit the vehicle at the main gate while you have your hazard lights on. Once they are in the park, you can then go and find whatever parking is available. The same is for picking up someone mobility impaired.