Regional Performers Application:

If you would like to apply as a regional performer, please send an electronic press kit to:


When applying for ACF, please remember that we are focusing on traditional Celtic music. To qualify for the ACF, you must be a regularly performing musician or band playing music primarily from the Celtic tradition. You will also be required to play a 45 to 60 minute tradition Celtic music set with tradition musical instruments unaided by sheet music. We no longer allow sheet music or lyric stands on the festival stages. Your band should be at the professional level of performing without them for a 45 to 60 minute set. The ACF prefers our regional bands not use instruments typically outside the realm of our tradition, for example: djembes, bongos, didgeridoos, cajons, egg/shakers, tambourines, saxophones, etc. We do not ban them but they are not our focus. Also, please be aware of the exclusivity clause on the application. We do not select groups performing at other events very close to our festival location and date.


  • * Biographical information including the names of your band members that will be appearing at the festival if accepted. The Festival will need to approve any band member changes prior to the fest if you are accepted.
  • * Contact information (email, phone number, snail mail address)
  • * Three mp3 or .wav files of your music (this music should be demonstrative of your current band lineup). Please send the music files as attachments to your email request. You may send more than one email for each music file if needed because of size. You can direct us to where they are located online. Please do not send files via file sharing services that require our music panel to create new accounts.
  • * At least two to three high res photos of your current band lineup.
  • *We no longer accept hard copy press kits, please send email requests to the above email address. The ACF music panel grades and votes on applications in late June and emails invitations to chosen bands late June/early July.
  • **In order to keep a unique lineup and audience experience, ACF has an exclusivity clause for performers disallowing performance at Celtic specific festivals within 100 miles of Austin for the 2 months preceding and 2 weeks after the Austin Celtic Festival.